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Silk is so fine natural fiber, it is very strong, but it also weak fast when with sweat, perfume and strong sun shine, so you need take special care of your luxury, comfortable and loverly silk items.
  • How to wash silk clothing?
    1. Please wash in cold water not higher than 30C;
    2. Please don't wash with other colors;
    3. Please don't use normal alkaline detergent, use special silk detergent or mild shampoo;
    4. Better hand wash, if washed by machine, please adjust to silk/delicate mode;
    5. Please don't dip in water more than 5 minutes;
    6. Please don't wring hard;
    7. Please rinse it clean with water;
    8. Please add some drops of vinegar in water to keep the color vivid;
    9. Please wash it asap if your silk items contact with sweat.
  • How to air silk clothing?
    1. Please air silk clothing with water;
    2. Please air silk clothing under shade,don't under strong sun light;
    3. Please flat the wrinkle when 70% dry, so it won't so wrinkle when totally dry.
  • How to iron silk clothing?
    1. Please iron the silk clothing not higher than 120C;
    2. Please iron on the reverse side;
    3. Better put one fabric between iron and the silk clothing;
    4. Please move iron constantly, not stop on one place;
    5. Please don't spray water when iron, otherwise there will remain stain on silk;
  • How to store silk clothing?
    1. Please don't use perfume or monthball, it will weak the silk and fade the color;
    2. Please hang your silk clothing, don't close it in plastic bag;
    3. For silk georgette and chiffon, it with good drape, so please don't hang it for too long time
    4. Silk is good at absorbing moisture, so don't keep it in airtight space